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          Directory of Achievers

Terms and Conditions for Coordinators

All coordinators who have volunteered to submit profiles for publication in our proposed Directory of Achievers of Contemporary Bihar must read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Selection of coordinators/profiles is our sole prerogative.
2. Coordinators will submit profiles of Achievers for publication in the directory in prescribed format.
3. We reserve the right to edit, modify or reject any profile submitted without assigning any reason.
4. Each profile published in the directory will carry the name of the coordinator who has submitted the profile.
5. Photographs of nominees, if available, will be asked for after the profile is accepted for publication.
6. All published profiles/photographs will become the sole property of
7. Coordinators will be solely responsible for the accuracy of profile details provided by them.
8. Coordinators are not entitled to any compensation, monetary or otherwise, for this work.