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BIT Sindri Campus Visit Report, November 18 -19, 2017​

By Anil Singh, 1964 Metallurgy
VP & Treasurer, BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America

Posted on: February 6, 2018

New IT Building

After participating BIT Sindri Global Connect Meet in Dubai on November 11-12, 2017, my wife, Radha, and I visited BIT Sindri on Nov. 18-19, 2017 to attend BITS Annual Alumni Meeting and, also, to attend various graduating classes anniversary celebrations. We were at BIT Sindri in February 2016 and November 2014 also. I am not exaggerating when I say, बीआईटी कैम्पस का काया पलट हो रहा है। I am including some photos below, judge yourself:

  Photo 1  

BIT Sindri known for brainy students & now yoga too

  Photo 2  

Director’s Bungalow

  Photo 3  

Director’s Bungalow Lawn

  Photo 4  

Hostel # 1 in process of being renovated

  Photo 5  

Another hostel under repair

  Photo 6  

Renovation completed hostel

  Photo 7  

Director listening to girls' grievances

  Photo 8  

Girls mess food, looked good

  Photo 9  

Girls' hostel wash room

  Photo 10  

Girls' hostel bath rooms

  Photo 11  

Director with boys in a hostel

  Photo 12  

Boys mess food, pretty good

  Photo 13  

Shower stall in boys hostel

  Photo 14  

Urinals in boys hostel

  Photo 15  

Faculty quarter under repair

  Photo 16  

Construction boom in BIT Sindri campus

  Photo 17  

IT Building (Facebook photo)

  Photo 18  

With Director Dr. Anil Singh & Ramesh Yadava

  Photo 19  

With BIT Sindri Arts Club students

  Photo 20  

Dr Anil Singh with wife Radha Singh in the lobby of Despande Auditorium

  Photo 21  

Smt. Sweta Kumari was honored for dedication & services to BIT Sindri Alumni Mother Chapter

  Photo 22  

Dr. Ramji Prasad (1967 batch alumni) of Univ. of Aarhus, Denmark, and Dr. D K Singh, Director, BIT Sindri exchanging signed MoU documents

  Photo 23  

With Mr. & Mrs. Ramji Prasad and Ramesh Yadava

  Photo 24  

40th anniversary celebration by 1977 graduating class. There were other celebrations, 50th for 1967 batch and 25th for 1992 batch

  Photo 25  

Kalpana Talkies, Saharpura (now closed)

  Photo 26  

1964 batch get together in Ranchi Club, Ranchi, on Nov. 21. Neil Pundit & Rajendra Choudhary also joined

  Photo 27  

Attended Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Ranchi on Nov. 22. Three of 6 presenters were BIT Sindri alumni

  Photo 28  

Met with Mr. Khare, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary on Nov. 22. He instructed his deputy to work on expedited basis for the Wi-Fi connectivity in BIT Sindri campus

Dr. Dharmendra K. Singh, a BIT Sindri Alumni, is the new director. He took the charge in the beginning of 2017. He is dynamic and go getter. Students and faculty morals are up. Infrastructure improvements are progressing well.

With him at the helm, supportive Jharkhand government, and pumped up faculty, I would say, stars are lined up. And, BIT Sindri ke “achhe din” is just around the corner.

Dr. Singh invited Radha and I to stay at Director’s Bungalow. Ramesh Yadava, President BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America, also stayed at the Bungalow. This provided us opportunity to discuss many BIT Sindri issues. I must say, I was very impressed with his vision about BIT Sindri. He assured me that he would work tirelessly to make BIT Sindri a top tier autonomous technical institute in India. And, we do not have to wait that long.

We all alumni need to do our part to help him succeed.


- MOU signed between the University of Aarhus, Denmark and BIT Sindri for technical exchange of students and faculty. Prof. Ramji Prasad, a 1967 ETC batch pass out alumni, represented the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

- Dr. D.K. Singh expressed his desire that at least 3 more MOUs should be signed between top technical world universities and BIT Sindri. He needs help from us all alumni living abroad.

- Met with the director and head of departments. Eight action items/wish list were developed, topping the list is setting up a central research/testing laboratory that will cater the needs of multi-departmental activities.

- Wi-Fi connectivity, Jharkhand Govt. escalated with highest priority

- 2 doctors to be posted immediately on BIT Sindri campus clinic.

- INR 200 crores budgeted for BIT Sindri infrastructure improvements such as construction of new hostels, guest house etc., repairs/renovations of hostels, department and auxiliary buildings.

- IT building completed, and is now functional

- Some 30 senior faculty to be recruited from the pool of retired IIT professors for 3 years to address faculty shortage, and to bypass the public service commission

- Extensive coverage by news media.

- Shashank Shekhar Garuryar, Sweta Kumari and their team did a great job of holding another successful BITS Annual Alumni meeting (~750 in attendance). Kudos to them.

- Arts club students sang the BIT Sindri theme song in the annual alumni meet. The song was composed, and music by Ramesh Yadava of BITS AA of North America. Listen to BIT Sindri Theme Song below:


- Dr. DK Singh, in addition to being the Director of BIT Sindri, has also been appointed, in-charge Vice Chancellor of Koyalanchal University, Dhanbad. Dr. Singh however assured us that his priority is to work tirelessly to bring the old glory back to BIT Sindri and make it the top tier autonomous technical institute in India.

- Currently there are three contracting companies working. Of these, two companies working on repairs of hostels and staff quarters, and new construction have done commendable and timely work. However, the third company, responsible for repairs and improvements of the department buildings, is way behind. The toilets in these buildings are still not functional causing great inconvenience to students and faculty.

Unofficially, I came to know that this third company would be removed by the end of November, and the work would be reassigned to a new contractor.

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