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Bariarpur to Los Angeles, California via BIT Sindri

By Dr Anil K Singh, 1964 Metallurgy


I was born in Bariarpur (Munger). I had two elder sisters. My grandparents were small farmers. I had all of my early education including high school at Asarganj (Munger) where my father was the high school headmaster. The village boy, then, took a big leap and went to St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi for I.Sc. After that I did go to BIT Sindri in 1960 graduating in metallurgical engineering in 1964.

I am married to the most beautiful lady, Radha (1965 at Deoghar). She is now retired, but, used to work for an environmental company in Los Angeles. We will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in 2015. We are blessed with three most adorable children, Soni (engineer), Rakhi (doctor), and Suraj (doctor). They live with their family in Denver, San Francisco and Seattle respectively. We are also blessed with seven grandchildren, 3 girls and 4 boys, ages ranging from 20 year to 1 year. Only complain I have is that my wife now spends way too much time with children and grandchildren. Otherwise life is great.

BIT Sindri

I have a lot of fond memories of both inside and outside of the BIT campus. Sindri taught me to become an expert in topography without that I do not think I would have passed practical classes in electrical engineering. I find this know- how still very useful.

I fell seriously ill in the second year at Sindri and missed couple of months’ classes. My attendance in all classes fell short of the minimum required. All professors either made “adjustments” or gave me make up classes. In fact, my friend Binod “broke” into Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s office and “fixed” his class attendance register. What a great friend!

However, Dr. Ashthana, a known “going by the book” guy, refused to make any considerations. I approached Dr. T. Prasad, Registrar, and a known student friend. He asked me to accompany him to Ranchi where we put our case to the vice chancellor of the University. The vice chancellor granted me the attendance waiver for that class, and I was allowed to sit for the annual examination. But for Dr. T. Prasad intervention, and help from friends like Binod, Arun and Sidhinath, I would have definitely lost one year. I am ever so grateful to them.

Best part out of BIT experience was to take an evening walk to Shaharpura via the athletic field even when we were living in newer hostels, 11 -13, on the other side of the campus. This was just to get the glimpse of two teenage girls living in Quarter Number RK 110. Sometimes they would play badminton in their front yard. Occasionally they would look at us. We then considered ourselves so lucky, and knew for sure that we would survive Prof. Sengupta’s dreaded drawing class the following day.

One of our friends, Sidhinath Singh had his “muhwala” uncle working as the manager of the Fertilizer Plant staff canteen. We will go there often for ice coffee, a real treat. By the way Sidhinath had made quite a few good “uncles” in Sindri.

Then, who could forget going to Shaharpura often to look for pretty girls, but, usually none were found. However, there was a Sindhi shop, Shinola, which sold sweets, and used to do tailoring work as well. Most of us would go there for tailoring work with the hope that the owner’s teenager daughter was the one who would take the measurements. Remember those days, tight jeans were in fashion.

Lazy walk to Damodar River was another outlet.

Further Education & Employments

I started my professional career with Hindustan Motors, Calcutta, after graduating from BIT in 1964. Rajendra Mishra, my class mate from high school days, had also joined Hindustan Motors.

Then I went to University of Sheffield, England for Master in Metallurgy in 1967. On completion, I joined a PhD program at University of Birmingham, UK in 1968. I completed PhD in 1971, and immediately returned to India. My wife was also with me in England.

In UK, we generally had a great time as we lived in and around university campuses. Outside the campus, occasionally, we would get not-so-friendly glances, hear occasional unflattering remarks, or questions like when we would be going back to our country. I was the president of the Birmingham University Indian Students Union. One year, my wife and I were invited to Her Majesty the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

I joined Tata Steel R&D Division in 1972, and was in charge of Tribology Cell. Got tired of standing in line for sugar and other essentials at ration shops, long line and wait at banks etc., and decided to immigrate to USA in 1973.

In the USA I worked for several companies, to name a few, Bechtel, General Electric, CF Braun, Unocal, UOP and Chevron. I retired from Chevron in 2011. I travelled on company business to all corners of USA and Canada, and many other countries including India.

Post Retirement Work: worked/working as a materials/corrosion engineering consultant for US Department of Justice, PLNL Trinidad (NH3 Plant), CFI Louisiana (NH3 Plant), and Tesoro Refining Company.

Publications/Professional Societies Association

I have over two dozen technical publications in international journals. I also presented several technical papers at US and international forums.

I have been actively involved in activities related to American Petroleum Institute (API) and National Association of Corrosion Engineer (NACE). I was the chairperson of API 934 Task Group on Cr-Mo steels from 2003 -2011. I am currently the chairperson of API RP - 934H Working Group on Maintenance of Heavy Wall High Pressure Reactors in Hot Hydrogen Service.

BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America

• Chairperson, Advisory Board
• Distinguished Alum, Life Member


• Mostly doing nothing: I believe doing nothing is best way to enjoy life
• Travel, Indian vegetable gardening

(626)-578-1840; 3521 Grayburn Road, Pasadena, California 91107, USA

Note: Written for the Booklet to commemorate 50th year (1964 Batch) of graduation from BIT to be held at Bokaro and Sindri respectively on Nov. 22 and 23, 2014

Posted on: November 19, 2014