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BIT Sindri - 2000 saplings, painted hostels to greet freshers

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First-year BTech students, who are set to begin classes at BIT-Sindri in Dhanbad from July 26, will be stepping into a more beautiful campus. The college, in association with the district forest department, has planted 2,000 saplings of different timber and ornamental plants on the sprawling 450-acre premises.

The month-long drive, which started from June 15, ended on Tuesday.

Besides, the six hostels meant for the newbies have been given fresh coats of paint while necessary repairs have been carried out on windows and doors.

The cradle will conduct admissions for its BTech courses from July 21 to 24 at Deshpande Auditorium. Classes will start from July 26.

BIT-Sindri director S.K. Singh, who also holds the same post in the state science and technology department, said that the plantation drive had been carried out near the entrance of the campus as well as on other vacant areas.

“While saplings of Gulmohar have been planted near the main gate and the director’s bungalow, timber plants like sesame, sagwan, mahogany and kadam have found space near the mechanical and electrical engineering departments. Ornamental saplings are sitting pretty at the central park that already has facilities like swing, sliders etc,” he said.

The new Open Air Theatre, which was set up at a cost of Rs 11 lakh last year, will also flaunt a green look. Around 150 saplings have been planted along its boundary wall.

“Gulmohar and teak saplings planted inside the Open Air Theatre will give a refreshing look to the auditorium that hosts a number of events,” said the director, adding that enough greenery would also help the students breathe easy.

The forest department will look after the newly sown plants for the next three years, while regular maintenance, including watering and providing security, will be the responsibilities of BIT-Sindri employees.

District forest officer Satish Chandra Rai said the plantation drive was carried out with the help of NCC cadets from different schools.

“It also served as a training session for them,” he added.

The plantation programme will add to the aesthetic charm of the campus, which boasts heritage buildings, laboratories, teachers quarters and around 26 hostels that were established way back in 1850 to accommodate around 3,000 students.

BIT-Sindri had joined hands with Prajapita Brahkumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya for plantation activities across the campus in August 2012. The cradle also wanted to establish a meditation centre for students. But, both the projects could not take off.

Posted on: July 20, 2014