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Visit to BIT Sindri on November 23-24, and Bokaro on November 22, 2014 -- A Report

By Dr Anil K Singh

Dr Anil Singh is a 1964 MET graduate of BIT Sindri, a distinguished alum and the Chairperson, Advisory Board of BITSAA of North America. As a representative of BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America, Dr Singh recently participated in the Alumni Meet at BIT Sindri, and the Grand Reunion of 1964 batch at Bokaro to celebrate 50 years of graduation. He also went around BIT Sindri campus and interacted with the staff and students. He has submitted a report on his visit to the BITSAA of North America which has already been published on their website . This report is being republished here...

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I visited BIT Sindri on November 23, 2014 to participate in BIT AA Sindri Chapter Annual Alumni Meeting, and then again on November 24, 2014 to meet with students, faculty members, and tour of the girls and boys hostels, department buildings and look-around of general infrastructure. On both days I was accompanied by my wife Radha, Braj Kumar Singh (life member of BITS AA of NA) and his wife Indrani, and Kumar Arun Singh (Honorary Distinguished Alum of BITS AA of NA). On November 22, we had a Grand Reunion at Bokaro of our 1964 batch mates to celebrate our 50 year of graduation from Sindri.

Part I    - Summary of Observations
Part II   - Alumni Meet/BIT Sindri campus visit, Nov 23-24, 2014: Details
Part III  - 1964 Batch Golden Reunion, Bokaro, Nov 22, 2014: Details

 Observation Details of Individual Day

Golden Reunion, 1964 Batch Graduating Class, Bokaro, Nov 22, 2014

We had a Grand Reunion of 1960 - 1964 batch mates to celebrate the 50 year of our graduation from BIT Sindri. Over 60 batch mates and 40 spouses were in attendance. It was a very emotional reunion. In many cases we have met after 50 years. We shared lots of stories about BIT and families. Dr. Girijesh Kumar and his wife Smt. Pushpa Kumar represented BIT Sindri administration. We had lots of fun, great food and music. Yours truly was the Master of Ceremony (MC). I also made a short presentation on the degradation of academic standards and facilities at BIT Sindri. Dr. Kumar also spoke.

I also had meeting with Ms. Sweta Kumari and her husband, and discussion on many topics including cooperation between Sindri Chapter and North America Chapter. She indicated that if no money is demanded of the state government, repair and renovation works can be done at BIT without involving Public Works Department (PWD). She had contractors lined up for such jobs. She mentioned that all scholarship moneys have been accounted for. She had nothing but praises for Dr. S.K. Singh, the former Director of BIT. She somehow came to know that we will be presenting Honorary Distinguished Alum certificate to Dr. Dey, and thought I will do that during the Alumni Meeting on the following day. She said that it may not go very well with other faculty members who are senior to him in terms of graduation years from Sindri. I made it clear to her that this is my Chapter award, and we have certain criteria for such award. And it is ours and ours only to make the selection. I told her that I am going to present the award to Dr. Dey in his chamber. That eased her mind somewhat.

On 23rd we all went to BIT campus to participate in the BITS AA of Sindri annual meeting. Many took tour of the campus, went to check out their departments and hostels they had lived over 50 years ago. Almost everyone was saddened to observe the deteriorating academic standards, infrastructure, and filth.

Many have expressed their strong desire to help in the betterment of the Alma Mater. Some promised to raise funds, and gave their suggestions how to improve the conditions. These suggestions are similar to what we have been talking about for sometimes expect the one which I am quoting below for your information. (By the way I am not endorsing this.) Since the campus (@400 acres) is being heavily encroached, let us sell off about 50-75 acres to a big company like Infosys or TCS or like with a responsibility to adopt BIT Sindri, improve its infrastructure and academic standards etc. in due course. A private partnership like this could be developed.

Unless the UG teaching is up to a certain standards again and the faculty is qualified, Post Graduate teaching is of no value. Why spread yourself too thin when you have very little material to spread around. There are enough buildings as it is. The stress should be on replacing old dysfunctional equipment with modern teaching, learning and research facilities.

The Govt. of India provides highly subsidized NKN (National Knowledge Network) facility where you can receive broadcasts on many standard UG/PG topics including online Q/A hours once you tie up with them. IIT Patna is using it in their class room. We can take help of young faculty at IITP who have recorded their standard course material and lectures and will be more than willing to share it with BIT Sindri.

Posted on: December 12, 2014