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Dr.P.R.Prasad's visit to BIT Sindri on 3rd/4th January, 2006

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Posted on: January 24, 2006

I recently visited BIT Sindri for personal work and found an opportunity to get first hand impression on the prevailing situation in BIT. I thought to share here some of the information and my personal impression which I gathered during my visit to BIT Sindri.
-- Dr.P.R.Prasad, retired Prof & Head, Dept of Met Engg, BIT Sindri (Presently settled in Patna)

Very warmly greeted by the present Director, Dr.R.P.Sharma. It was a pleasant surprise to find a computer installed in Director's Office. I congratulated him but looked like the computer was not being put to widespread use. About the internet connection, I was informed that except Electronics Dept, all have dial-up connection only and they are fed up with slow and erratic connectivity. The ERNET connection in Electronics Dept is not catering to others due to absence of fiber cable network. I suggested for broadband internet connection recently launched by BSNL.

I talked to Dr.U.K.Dey, HOD(Mining) about ODC Help which we had started. He expressed his inability to continue with the ODC Help due to non-availability of internet connection.

Visited Met Engg Dept on 3rd Jan at 3.30 PM. No teacher was available in the Dept. Some of the non-teaching staff were enjoying sun and gossip outside. I was informed that Dr.Uday Sinha Computer Application Laboratory (started with financial assistance from BIT Alumni Association of North America, now having over 30 computers and a server) remains virtually closed all the time. Dr.Rameshwar Prasad, HOD(Met Engg) was out of station and not available for comments. Since it was an alumni project, we need to look into the problem and work out strategy so that the staff and students are able to avail the lab facility.

Construction of Boys' Hostel in Full SwingThe student intake capacity of the institute has been increased from 370 to 680 with effect from 2004-05 session. Staff appointment by Govt  is  said to be in progress, but nobody was sure how much time it will take. Keeping in view the increase in intake of students, five new hostels (4 Boys' hostels and 1 Girls' hostel each of 100 seat capacity) are being constructed. Boys' hostels are 4-seated and are being constructed by the side of hostel nos.10 and 11. Girls' hostel is just the same as the existing Girls' hostel and is being constructed just in front of the existing Girls' hostel. Prof S.K.Sinha, who is also the Sr. Administrative Officer, took me to the construction site where the work was going on in full swing. You can see here the on going construction work of Boys' hostel.

CAD-CAM Lab in Mech Engg DeptA CAD-CAM Laboratory has been setup in the Mech Engg Dept at a cost of Rs.50 lakh. The Lab has 35 PCs and a server with installed prestigious software DELCAM with Power Shaper & Power Milling and PS Exchange. A glimpse of CAD-CAM lab is shown in the adjoining photo. A Computer Lab with 10 PCs and a server has also been setup in Civil Engg Dept.

Under the Technical Education Quality Improvement Program, financed and supported by World Bank, the institute has been granted about Rs.14 crore for the promotion of academic excellence through campus wide networking, equipments, books, journals, research, development & consultancy, faculty & staff development, interaction with industries, community services etc. The work has started in full swing and I was impressed to see a full fledged office setup in the administrative building for the World Bank Project. The teachers and other staff seemed to work very sincerely for the project implementation.

New Central Library BuildingThe new Central Library is now fully furnished and operational with lift, furniture etc and all the books have been transferred from the old library (V E Hall). This new library building is situated behind the administrative building by the side of V E Hall. The central library building can be seen in the adjoining photograph. The old V E Hall is proposed to be converted into a fully furnished Conference/Seminar Hall fitted with necessary audio-visual gadgets.

Upon enquiry about the functioning of the Governing Body of the institute, it came out that the last meeting of the GB was held in 1994. The last GB was constituted several years before that. The Commissioner of Chhotanagpur (North) Division is the ex-officio Chairman of the GB. Presently, the role of the Chairman of GB has become just a ritual to approve the list of holidays prepared by the institute or to approve any disciplinary action taken by the institute against any student. The GB appears to have no role in the planning and management. I wonder why the GB of the institute has not been constituted for several decades and why the GB Chairman is an IAS and not a top industrialist.

I could not meet Dr.G.Kumar, Training and Placement Officer, as he was out of station. Talking across the various sections, students, staff and faculty, I realized that in spite of so many good things happening, most people looked dissatisfied and critical to each other. I left BIT Sindri on 5th morning wondering "What ails BIT Sindri?".