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BIT without water supply for 96 hours

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Posted on: July 6, 2006

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-- Dr.P.R.Prasad, retired Prof & Head, Dept of Met Engg, BIT Sindri (Presently settled in Patna)

No water in BIT for 96 hours, but what's new?
# Hindustan Times, July 5, 2006

By Praduman Choubey
Sindri, July 4

Rain may have lashed the coal belt for the past few days, but the techies of BIT Sindri have been thirsty for the past 96 hours in absence of regular water supply. Condition of the 60-odd teachers and other college staff is no better as water supply in residential quarters has also been disrupted.

Water crisis is not new to the institute as students and teachers often complain of water scarcity which has emerged as a perennial problem. All this, when more than 40 PHED officials including an SDO and two junior engineers are deputed in the institute to maintain vigil over water supply to the hostel and residential quarters. Lack of alternative arrangements compounds the problem for boarders. Even a hand pump is not available close to the hostel.

Though the students somehow manage the crisis during normal days, the problem aggravates during exam time when they do not get the time to fetch water from hand pumps located far away from the hostel. "We often face difficulty due to water crisis during the examination", said a final year mechanical engineering student.

Apart from this, students are increasingly finding cleanliness a rarity in the institute. The four sweepers employed by Notified Area Committee (NAC) have not attended duty for the past about two weeks. This has resulted in the spread of Parthenium across the campus, which has become a breeding ground for reptiles including snakes, that often enter the overcrowded hostel endangering life of the students. Incidentally, the institute pays a fixed amount annually to the NAC in terms of rental.

BIT Director, R.P.Sharma, attributed the crisis partly to the laxity of PHED officials. At the same time he said that increase in the number of students following the Science and Technology departments directive to increase the number of seats, was also posing a problem.

Brushing aside the allegation of perennial water problem in the institute, PHED executive engineer Swetabh Kumar said temporay disruption in water supply that arose due to a technical snag in the pipeline has been rectified and water supply restored to the institute.