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BIT Alumni Association of North America, YR 2006 Annual Meeting

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Posted on: October 23, 2006

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-- Dr.Uday Sinha, Treasurer, Scholarship Program, BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America

Minutes of Meeting held on Sunday Sept. 4 at the Sheraton Inn Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ

Dear Friends:
We are very happy to inform you that our annual meeting was held on Sept. 4 at the Sheraton Inn Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ. About 35 members, spouses, and friends attended the meeting. The attendance was poor due to the storm which had gripped the east coast prior to the meeting.

Connecticut: Mr/Mrs Arun Kumar
Delaware: Dr. Yogendra and Mrs. Dalbir Chadda, Mr. Sharad Patel (guest)
Florida: Dr. S. Rao and Mrs. Kanti Ponamgi
Georgia: Dr. Uday and Mrs. Geeta Sinha
Maryland: Dr. Chandrika and Mrs. Urmila Prasad, Mr. Vidya Sagar (guest), Mr. Paramjit and Mrs. Bindu Singh,
New Jersey: Mr.Sudhaker and Mrs. Kushi Raj, Mr. VN Ojha, Mr Gurdeep and Mrs Manmohan Dhanjal. Dr. Rajesh and Rekha Mishra, Mr. Krishnadeo and Mrs. Susheela Sharma, Mr Amit Thakur, and Mrs. Ekta Kumari.

The meeting was started after Sudhaker Raj presented a welcome to all present who had taken great trouble to come there. Uday Sinha presented Treasurer's report and answered questions raised during the meeting.

1. Scholarship Program:
Our scholarship trust fund consists of 5 fixed CD’s with the State Bank of India. The interest from the CD’s are transferred to a 
checking/savings account from which checks are written for the scholarships. Our scholarship is fully funded unless we raise the amount and number of scholarships or the interest rates go down substantially.

We offer the following scholarships per year.

4th yr class ---- 10 scholarships @ Rs. 5,000 each
3rd and 2nd year classes—10 scholarships each @ Rs.3,000 each
Mrs. Janaki Sahay scholarship ------one @ Rs. 5,000 to a girl student of EE class
Kamal Karna Scholarship ------------one @ Rs. 5,000 to a EE student
Prof. NK Sinha Scholarship ---------one @ Rs. 7,500 to the best overall performing student 
Prof. Tribhuan Prasad scholarship –one @ Rs. 7,500 to the best student joining BIT 1st yr class
Urmila Bal Trivedi scholarship -----one @ Rs. 5,000 to a girl student of any class

Our commitment is for 35 scholarships amounting to Rs. 140,000. per year. It should be noted that in addition to the above, 10 scholarships are given by jour Canadian Alumni Association the 1st year class.

2. Selection of Students and their responsibilities:
Students for our scholarships are selected by a team of Professors namely Dr. UK Dey, Alumni Coordinator, Prof. PK Sigh, Member, Prof. SK Sinha, Convener, and Dr. RK Dubey, Chairman. Right from the very beginning we have insisted that nothing is free and the students are supposed to work two hours per week for the school. The type of work is to be determined by the alumni coordinator. We had suggested working for the library, alumni house, or as student assistant helping professors. It is sadly reported that BIT has not taken any initiative to implement the work program. Our members agreed that students who do not want to work will forfeit the scholarship.

3. Ranjit Sinha and Dr. Meena Sinha Scholarship:
Ranjit Sinha (1963 ChE) has offered 10 scholarships of $100.00 each to financially disadvantaged students. We are asking our scholarship recipients to select 10 students from the school who they determine need this help. They should be impartial and try to find most deserving students and give the names to Prof. UK Dey. The scholarship money will be sent directly by Ranjit Sinha and will continue until he wants to do it.

4. Guest Professors:
Alumni Association of North America is offering to help BIT by providing guest professors if it is approved by the Director. We have a pool of very successful engineers who are retired or close to retirement. Some of them have shown interest to teach without any fees. The only responsibility to BIT will be to provide proper accommodation, security, and utilities. During our meeting Dr. Yogendra Chadda (1957 ME) who retired as Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department at Detroit University 
offered to volunteer teaching for one year. There will be several other volunteers for 3 to 9 months program. This is a challenge to BIT to develop this program.

After the treasurer’s report an election was held for office bearers for two years term. The results are as follows:

President: Mr. Paramjit Singh, 1962 ME
Vice President: Mr. VN Ojha, 1978 ME
Secretary and treasurer for US funds: Mr. Sudhaker Raj, 1997 ElE
Treasurer for Scholarship program to continue: Dr. Uday Sinha (1960 Met)

This year we have added a treasurer for the US funds so that we can raise more money for helping students coming to north America as graduate students. All these help will be as a no interest loan to be repaid under a promissory note as has been done earlier for about 10 students.

Musical Program:
The Tarang group organized by Mrs. Urmila Prasad and Mr. Vidya Sagar entertained our crowd with some old and new songs. Mrs. Bindu Singh and Mrs. Rekha Mishra also presented some delightful songs. We were mesmerized by a dance performed by ten years old Pooja Gupta. A musical chair program was conducted by Sharad Patel and winner was Mrs. 

YR 2007 Annual Meeting:
It was decided we will hold next year’s annual meeting again during the labor day week end. We will hold it in more central NJ location where we can have a get together, organize a proper meeting, and get catered Indian foods. We promise to organize a very good meeting and request our members to keep the labor-day week end free to attend.

BIT Web Site:
Please check website for BIT news and register yourself. We are trying to add write ups on our prominent members who have done very well in their business and professionally.

With Regards:

Sudhaker Raj

Paramjit Singh

V N Ojha
Vice President

Uday Sinha
Treasurer, Scholarship Program