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National Board of Accreditation at BIT Sindri

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Posted on: January 24, 2007

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-- Dr.P.R.Prasad, retired Prof & Head, Dept of Met Engg, BIT Sindri (Presently settled in Patna)

National Board of Accreditation at BIT Sindri

A team of experts constituted by National Board of Accreditation visited BIT Sindri on 19th January. Each department of the institute was inspected rigorously by two subject experts headed by a Chairman. The inspection concluded on 21st January. They also gave an option of withdrawing any department from the assessment. Such departments will not be considered for accreditation. However, BIT administration did not withdraw and all the departments were evaluated. Any department scoring less than 650 out of 1000 points will be considered deficient not fit for accreditation. Above 650, it is accreditation for 3 years and for above 750 points, it is for 5 years. After the end of the period the departments will be reassessed. This is a continuous monitoring system for sustaining quality in technical education.

As per the general impression that we have been able to gather, NBA team was by and large very happy with the huge infrastructure available with the institute. However, they have clearly pointed out the deficiencies relating to student/teacher ratio, many equipments not in working condition, and poor quality of laboratory instructions. The chairman of the NBA team will submit the report to AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) which will take the final decision and notify the result for accreditation in a couple of months. Let us wait and watch how the different departments of BIT score.