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Posted on: August  30, 2007

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-- Dr.P.R.Prasad, retired Prof & Head, Dept of Met Engg, BIT Sindri (Presently settled in Patna)

My recent visit to BIT Sindri 

I and my wife recently visited BIT Sindri on 10th August. We stayed at ACC General Manager's residence as he happened to be our relative. While coming to BIT, we entered through 12 no. gate. My wife exclaimed, "Wah! BIT Sindri has changed". What she saw was the private security guard in formal dress opening the gate. It appeared BIT is making efforts and looking forward. Since we had a very short stay, we could not take photographs to show our alumni the changes we noticed.

I remained in the Director's office for almost two hours, discussing various issues where some of the HODs also participated. At the end, I asked the Director if he can provide me the report card of BIT's progress during the last 1 year which I intend to let our alumni know. Dr.G.Kumar, TPO and the Information Officer of BIT, promptly prepared a summary and gave it to me. I am happy to reproduce it below for your information.

-- Dr.P.R.Prasad


Progress During One Year [August 2006 - August 2007]  -  Compiled by Dr.G.Kumar
1. Recruitment of 42 faculty members.
2. Revision of syllabi of a UG courses by experts from IITs and NITs.
3. Adoption of semester system in all UG courses from the 2006-batch.
4. Re-designation of BSc Engg to BE and MSc Engg to ME from 2006-batch.
5. Regularization of PG teachings.
6. Accreditation of 8 UG courses out of 10 [CSE and IT courses are not yet accredited].
7. Almost 100% placement. Some students of Met Engg got as many as 4 offers.
8. Visit of 42 companies for placement during the session 2006-07.
9. Provided platform for campus placement of nearby polytechnic students.
10. Conducted 2 national workshops:
     1.Value Engg [April 2007]
     2. Industry Institute Interaction [July 13-14, 2007]
11. Major project worth Rs.12.37 crore from World Bank under TEQIP.
12. Renovation of Despande Auditorium: wall-to-wall carpet, 96 cushioned chairs of Godrej make in
      first 4 front rows.
13. Campus wide networking including academic buildings, hostels, offices and residential quarters
      with 4 MB leased line of BSNL - to be completed by August 2007.
14. Alumni House: AC, Colour TV and Geyser fitted in all the 9 rooms.
15. Procured 600 computers, given to each faculty member, departments, sections, offices etc.
16. Development and beautification of existing nursery near electrical workshop.
17. Construction of 3 boys and 2 girls hostels - multi-seated with 120 occupancy each.
18. Provision of one AC class room in each Dept with all the modern facilities.
19. Training to nearly 800 persons of nearby society in trades like carpentry, motor winding,
      black smithy, TV repairing, plumbing, sheet metal etc.
20. Deployment of external private security guards.
21. Boundary wall construction all along the institutional area.
22. Clearance of all backlog promotions of faculty members and other staff.
23. Provision of Aqua Guard in all the hostels for pure drinking water.
24. Governing Body of BIT formed with Fr. Cashmera Raj, ex-Director of XLRI, as the Chairman.
25. 3-5 days management training to all faculty members at XLRI, Jamshedpur.
26. 10 days induction training to newly recruited teachers at XLRI, Jamshedpur.
27. Nearly 20 publications by the faculty members during 2006-07.
Note: Director, Dr.S.K.Singh, saw the above compilation by Dr.G.Kumar and commented that there are many more things which can be added to this list but for the time being it is OK.