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Civil Engg Toppers' List - A clarification

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Posted on: May 16, 2006

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-- Dr.P.R.Prasad, retired Prof & Head, Dept of Met Engg, BIT Sindri (Presently settled in Patna)

Letter from Mr.Awadhesh Prasad
Recently, I received a personal mail from Mr.Awadhesh Prasad < > with reference to the list of civil engineering toppers complaining that this website is indulging in deliberate misinformation. Since similar mistakes might be there on other web pages, the letter and its reply is being posted here for information to all concerned. 
Dr Prasad

Despite bringing this to your notice and your promise to rectify it 
more than a month ago, the wrong display of 1986 batch Civil topper has not
been corrected. It is very unfortunate that your web-site indulges in
deliberate misinformation

The correct position is I, Awadhesh Prasad, topped in 1986. Mr Anil
Gupta, whose name is displayed as the 1986 topper, passed in 1987. 

To say that no batches passed in 1984 and 1985 is also misleading.
Civil batched passed out in 1984 and 1985 The topper in 1984 was
Chhtrapati Shivaji and in 1985 Awadhesh Kumar Jha. 


   Reply from Dr.P.R.Prasad:

Dear Mr.Awadhesh Prasad,
While we appreciate our alumni pointing out the mistakes to ensure that the informations put on this site are as authentic as possible, we do not agree that this website has ever indulged in deliberate misinformation. As already informed to you that the toppers' list put on this site has been taken from the list displayed officially in the main lobby of administrative building of BIT Sindri. I have got the list rechecked and the following names of civil engineering toppers between 1981 and 1990 as displayed in BIT administrative building lobby have been sent to me by a senior BIT Professor today:

1981 - A.K. Burnwal
1982- K.P. Shivaji
1983 - A.K. Jha
1986 - A.K. Gupta
1987 - R.L. Bhardwaj
1988 - P. Chand
1989 - P.K. sinha
1990 - B.K. shrivastava

This list is the same as put on this site and unfortunately does not tally with your suggestions. It is therefore necessary that this anomaly is brought to the notice of BIT administration. They need to look into their records and make necessary corrections on their display board before we make any changes in our web page. We will make the changes as soon as the corrections made in BIT's official list is brought to our notice. We are sorry that this has hurt your sentiments and caused you unnecessary inconvenience.
-- Dr.P.R.Prasad