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New Trend: Lecturers' Appointment in BIT Sindri

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Posted on: June 11, 2006

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-- Dr.P.R.Prasad, retired Prof & Head, Dept of Met Engg, BIT Sindri (Presently settled in Patna)

Recently, I read a news item which appeared in the internet edition of Hindustan Times. Many of you must have gone through this article. Since it reflects a new trend in the career choice of engineering graduates with preferred placement destination as BIT Sindri, I thought it might be informative to fellow BITians. 
Techies get tired of IT jobs
# Hindustan Times

Their huge salaries and extreme stress made headlines. Now the trend could be reversing as money loses out to quality life.

The Jharkhand Public Service Commission interview board, recruiting teachers for the state-run Birsa Institute of Technology (BIT), Sindri, was left wide-eyed recently when about half-a-dozen IT engineers employed with top companies turned up for jobs.

The reason why they wanted to take up teaching: “We’re fed up with our jobs in the IT sector. We lead the lives of robots, no less.” They told the board members that the demanding jobs had taken a toll on them.

Just to make sure that the ‘deserters’ were sincere in their intentions, the board asked them to furnish three-year bonds (though there is no such provision under BIT rules). The candidates complied, no questions asked.

It was clear that the engineers were after a better quality of life as in their new assignment as lecturers at BIT Sindri they will get Rs 15,000 — less than half of what they got in their previous jobs. They had enclosed salary slips of Rs 36,000 and above from companies like IBM and TCS.

No doubt it has come as a surprise to the other teachers. How could professionals working with top-notch IT companies even think of taking up low-paying teaching jobs? “But it’s certainly a welcome development if such people join the BIT,” says a senior teacher.

The vice chancellor of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, S.K. Mukherjee, who has been monitoring such happenings in the teaching and business worlds, says it was definitely a new development. “The life of those working in the IT sector gets so disturbed that they prefer to opt out and take up less taxing jobs,” he says. BIT Mesra is among the top 10 engineering institutions in the country.

“It’s good that we’re getting teachers who are already screened by experts and have considerable experience. Since they have been successful in their earlier assignments, money is obviously not the guiding factor for them,” he says. “We can expect more such people to join the teaching fraternity in the next couple of years.”

Lesson for the IT bosses: buck up and make your employee feel good. He is desperate to get a life.