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A.N.College, Patna joins Erasmus Mundus Program

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September 20, 2009

A.N.College, Patna has begun its initiative to put Bihar on the map of higher education world wide, as a partnering institution of the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Windows Program, 2009-2013. The aim of this program is to facilitate academic collaboration between European Union [EU] and India , to produce quality human resources for economic and social development through its faculty and student exchange programs. According to Principal , A.N.College, Dr. Haridwar Singh, this program is a unique opportunity for Bihar in general and A.N.College in particular, to study, teach and research in Europe so as to raise our capacities, build centre of expertise and gain international visibility. Our students selected by the Project sponsors of EU would be studying in European universities for designated time periods from the under graduate to the doctoral levels, while similar students will come to A.N.College to study under our University Dons.This exercise is in consonance with the initiatives of Magadh University to build international linkages in its institutions and departments. The aims of this EU academic interaction are poverty reduction, sustainable economic development and intergration of world economy for peace and prosperity.

While A.N.College, Patna is one of the eight partnering institutions from India , KTH, Stockholm , Sweden , is the coordinating institution for this mobility program with A.N.College. Academic association with and funding by KTH began with research on arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bihar by the Dept. of Environment and Water Management in A.N.College. Erasmus Mundus program is an opportunity to take this collaboration further in the interest of our state.

Dr. Singh highlighted the continuous efforts of his faculty members in the field of international research and teaching, and said it was now time for our students also to showcase and develop their inherent academic capabilities in the global arena. Dr Singh, being a meritorious academician himself, is personally monitoring to Erasmus Mundus program in Dept. of EWM, A.N.College so that he’ll be soon able to provide international opportunities for academic growth of talented students. The Core Cell of A.N.College [partnering institution] as approved by Erasmus Mundus program, consists of Dr. Ashok Kumar Ghosh [Principal Coordinator] , Prof. Shatrunjay Kumar Singh and Dr. Nupur Bose [ Assisting Coordinators] . Dr. Ghosh has been invited to Stockholm by KTH to attend the kick-off meeting and the First workshop from 21-23 September, 2009 to implement this prestigious higher education and research program in A.N.College, Patna.

Based on Press Release received via group email from Dr. Ashok Kumar Ghosh [Principal Coordinator]. He can be contacted at:

Posted on: September 20, 2009 01:05 PM IST


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