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50 children adopted by Kainat Foundation at Village Kako, Jehanabad, Bihar

By Shakil Ahmed Kakvi

February 2, 2010
The author is the Founder Chairman of Kainat Foundation.
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Adopted Children
Adopted Children in Kainat International School along with S.P Jehanabad and staff of KIS and Kainat Foundation at Kako, Jehanabad, Bihar

30 January 2010 on very special day ( Mahatma Gandhi has scarifies his life for our Nation ), The Superintendent of police, Jehanabad , Bihar Mr.Ganesh Kumar adopted 50 children for education at Kainat International School, Kainat Nagar , Kako, Jehanabad , Bihar. He supported adopted children with School uniform, Books and Educational materials in a special function at Kainat Foundation, Kainat Nagar, Kako, Jehanabad, Bihar.

Kainat International School
Kainat International School, Kainat Nagar, Kako, Jehanabad, Bihar, India

In 1999 8th Feb, Doha based teacher Shakil Ahmed Kakvi put a foundation stone of a unique school "A school of the children, By the Children and For the Children". The foundation stone was lead by the village children in agricultural land of Mr. Jamil Ahmed Mallick father of Kakvi at Village Kako of Jehanabad District in Bihar. Now the school is known as Kainat International School, Kainat Nagar, Kako, Jehanabad, Bihar, India.

With the help of the Kainat students the school started adopting non school going children for education and given support to them by providing uniform, educational materials and few with food and accommodation. Kainat Foundation made a separate preparatory second shift kainat public school for preparing the adopted children to bring them up to the standard of particular class according to their age group.

The 10 years hardwork of Kainat International School's staff, students, Management were rewarded.The school got CBSE affiliation in 2009. This is the first remote village CBSE affiliated school of Jehanabad dist in Bihar, after independence of India.

Health Mela
Governor of Bihar Mr. Devanad Konwar inaugurated Health Mela for villagers

As unique feature of school, it started attracting teacher volunteers from different part of globe .Two volunteers came from Canada one from Spain for three months, teaching English to village children. The school build up its credibility and finally H.E Governor of Bihar Mr. Devanad Konwar came to school to inaugurate Health Mela for villagers.( Photo attached ). The foundation is working to start a Science Park, ITI Collage and a health centre at village Kako, Jehanabad , Bihar.

Posted on: February 02, 2010 06:35 PM IST


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