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PM favours cooperative federalism but insults states: Bihar CM

Posted on: August 18, 2015


Patna, Aug 18 (IANS) Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday said though Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks of cooperative federalism, he behaves in just the opposite manner by insulting the states.

"He (Narendra Modi) is prime minister and free to speak anything. He talks of cooperative federalism but behaves just opposite to it. He insults the states," Kumar said at a press conference here hours after Modi held rallies in Ara and Saharsa areas of poll-bound Bihar.

Kumar also said he was ready to be a seeker for Bihar.

"As per tone of the prime minister's language, it seems that I am a seeker. But for Bihar, I am ready to be a seeker also. Sometimes, the prime minister calls me arrogant and sometimes seeker. This is contradictory. How can a seeker be arrogant?" he asked.

Kumar also justified the demand for granting special status to Bihar.

"If special status is given to Bihar, it will be free from central taxes, which will attract investors. This will increase employment in the state. The demand for special status is for the welfare of the state," he added.

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