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Bhojpuri Cinema and Kalpana Patowary

Bihar and Jharkhand News Service

Posted on: 2011-02-17 19:54:30
Singer Kalpana... the most sought after singer of Bhojpuri cinema

BJNS: February 17, 2011: The best-selling female artist of all time - Kalpana has made an indelible impact on the Bhojpuri music industry and audiences everywhere. Blessed with a stunning five-octave range and signature vocal abilities, the singularly talented star singer continues to reach new heights of artistic growth and popularity.

As a singer, she has been honoured with Bhikhari Thakur Samman, Swar Kokila, Swar Samragee , Bhojpuri Swar Mallika, Bhojpuri Sewa Samman, Bhojpuri Sangam Samman, Panchamrit Samman, Atkrista Gayak Samman, The Bhojpuri Queen to name a few.

Released in 2003, Gawanwa Leja Rajaji strongly resonated with audiences, becoming that year's best-selling album in India and selling more than 1 crore units nationwide to date. Kalpana broke milestones with the album which opened the Bhojpuri music industry in India.

Bhojpuri Queen Kalpana is the uncrowned empress of playback singing of Bhojpuri cinema. Her achievements and eminence is so great that words fall short of describing the greatness and contributions made by her playback singing to Bhojpuri cinema. The subject of Bhojpuri music and cinema is incomplete without mentioning her name. She is a pride not only of UP & BIHAR but also of the entire country. She adorns the zenith in the field of vocal music. She is known as Kalpna, to every Bhojpurian!

Says Kalpana, "Nearly 200 million people speak this language and about how Bhojpuri films has provided a big platform to the underclass. However Bhojpuri literature hasnt taken off. Its more of an oral tradition and stills needs a solid grounding. Bhojpuri cinema is big enough to cause political parties to seek mileage from it but we should also focus on expanding international movie markets, an attempt to reach out to a wider audience and boost the Bhojpuri industry."

Her contribution to Bhojpuri cinema, Bhojpuri albums and devotional songs is voluminous and of very high quality. Its vastness is simply unparalleled. Says Kalpana, my first Bhojpuri film for which I sang was SAIYA SE KARDA MILANWA HEY RAM and the second was GANGA JAISAN MAI HAMAR. But the 3rd film really turned to be a milestone and once again it established an industry yes, SASURA BADA PAISAWALA. Bhojpuri Cinema was revolutionised by Sasura Bada Paisewala. Made with a budget of Rs. 30 lakhs, the film collected a gross earning of over Rs. 25 crore. Hereafter, there was no looking back for the Bhojpuri film industry. From that time till now Bhojpuri film industry has evolved so much that now it has become a global industry. Item songs are a big part of Bhojpuri movies; sometimes they are bigger and more popular than the actual story. SASURA BARA PAISA WALAEs seductive item dance number was one amongst them and the song was written by Vinay Bihari which got very good response. The two duo have given many a hit songs like Man ke Sawaria, Dil ke Dhardkan, Balamji, Suna Pardes Balam,Rasgulla,Pani Bhare Gaine Rama,etc. Since she has been singing for so many years, Kalpana has sung almost every kind of composition sad songs, youthful love songs, devi geets, bhajans, chhat geets, patriotic songs, kawalis, ghazals, .. you name it.

She has also provided the playback for multiple generations of the actresses in Bhojpuri cinema and Kalpana puts her unique touch to make the song as if it is sung by the person she is giving the playback for. Her playback songs for the children are sung in cute child like voice that sounds so natural. She is also the music director for her world music album The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur which will be releasing in Kolkata and later in London, UK from TIMES MUSIC.

She has worked with veteran music directors, from Ravindra Jain, Anand- Milind,Nikhil Vinay to the new generation music directors like Dhananjay Mishra,Rajesh Gupta,Madhukar Anand,Rajesh Rajnish & Ashok Kr Deep. For Bhojpuri cinema she sang duets in accompaniment mainly with other great singers like Udit Narayan, Suresh Wadkar, Kailash Kher,Sadhna Sargam & Vinod Rathode.

Singer Kalpana, one of Bhojpuri music industrys celebrity singer, does however go on to add, that her secret to success might lie in her willingness to experiment, believes the husky-voiced singer, who says, "If you've followed my songs, albums, and compositions, my shows, you would know that each time I perform I have a different idea in mind."Kalpana has enthralled music lovers with her flawless singing and even the most multiple generations of the Bhojpuri population has grown up listening to her. There are hundreds of thousands of her fans all around the world.

She is a symbol of Bhojpuri music, a soft spoken, humble, cultured and virtuous person. The contribution of Kalpana to the world of Bhojpuri cinema and Bhojpuri music is enormous and will be remembered forever.