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BITSAA of North America 'BIT Sindri toilet project' in limbo

By Dr P R Prasad
Posted on: July 27, 2015


BIT Sindri

(BJNS): BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America's Rs 40+ lakhs project for toilet renovation in all the 5 girls' hostels and the Alumni House at BIT Sindri appears stuck up in bureaucratic limbo. As reported earlier, Dr Neil Pundit, President of BITSAA of North America has written to the Principal Secretary, Dept of Science & Technology, Govt of Jharkhand to issue a NO Objection Certificate to start the project. His request however remains unanswered till now.

Earlier, the alumni from North America who visited BIT Sindri campus were so moved by the unsanitary conditions and the indignities suffered by the girl students that they voluntarily started donating to remedy the situation. The Modi Govt is rightfully emphasizing sanitation through Prime Minister's "Clean India Mission" but it appears that the word has not trickled down to sensitize the bureaucracy. The toilets in hostels of BIT Sindri are in pathetically bad condition due to sustained neglect by the Jharkhand Govt which has brought shame to the alumni worldwide.

In the Hindi newspaper 'Dainik Bhaskar' of 26 July 2015, it is reported - झारखण्ड सरकार का खज़ाना खाली, ट्रेज़री ने बड़े बिलों का भुगतान रोका... 20 जुलाई को पेयजल विभाग ने ट्रेज़री को ग्रामीण पेयजल आपूर्ति पाइपलाइन और स्वच्छ भारत मिशन के तहत बनने वाले शौचालयों के लिए 195 करोड का बिल भेजा था | 22 जुलाई को ट्रेज़री ने बिल पास कर भुगतान के लिए बैंक भेज दिया | लेकिन बाद में बिल वापस मंगवा लिया... क्योंकि सरकारी खजाने में शनिवार तक सिर्फ 550 करोड रु ही बचे थे... 20 जुलाई से राज्य में आर्थिक संकट का दौर शुरू हो गया है...

We have not been able to confirm the authencity of this report, but it does reflect a gloomy picture of financial health of Jharkhand Govt. Under these circumstances, the Govt's inability to spend money on BIT Sindri toilets is understable, but it is hard to understand as to why the Govt is silent on the offer of Rs 40+ lakhs 'toilet project' by BITSAA of North America. It is more intriguing that the BIT Sindri students and staff associations are also silent and not playing any proactive role in requesting the Govt to issue NO Objection Certificate to start the 'toilet project'.

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