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BITSAA of North America to rebuild toilets in BIT Sindri

By Dr P R Prasad
Posted on: March 13, 2015


BIT Sindri

March 13 (BJNS): There is every reason for BIT Sindri students to cheer as the BIT Sindri Alumni Association (BITSAA) of North America has offered to rebuild or repair all toilets at BIT Sindri in all buildings, all hostels, and Alumni House. Dr G Kumar, Prof-in-Charge (Academic Section), BIT Sindri is reportedly coordinating the toilet project. The work is expected to start as soon as the necessary estimates are ready and competitive bidding process is complete.

BIT Sindri is an engineering institute of repute fully owned by the Govt of Jharkhand. However, over the years the institute has become a victim of continued neglect by the state Govt. Once famous for its impressive buildings and other infrastructure, it now presents a living example of unexplained Govt apathy.

Dr Neil Pundit (1961 TC), President, and Dr Anil Singh (1964 MET), Chairperson, Advisory Board of BITSAA of North America visited the institute separately on two different occasions. They were pained to see the dilapidated condition of the buildings crying for the need for routine maintenance, alarming shortage of teachers and falling academic standard. They were also shocked to see the poor hygienic and sanitary conditions in which the students live.

Inspired by the Prime Minister's initiative of "Clean India Mission", members of BTSAA of North America have decided to rebuild or renovate the toilets in BIT Sindri which may include atleast one ladies toilet in each building. As per a communication received from the President, Dr Neil Pundit, the toilet project is their top priority and they will like it to be completed in the shortest possible time.

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