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National Geographic News Headlines

  • Rare White Lion Cub Born at Zoo
    The cub's parents have normal coloring, suggesting the rare coat arose from a recessive gene.
      Thu, 21 Jul 2016 15:59:22 GMT

  • One Scientist’s Quest to Scan Every Species of Fish
    An expert in biomechanics embarks on an ambitious plan to scan and digitize images of every species of fish known to humans—up to 33,000 of them—and learns surprising details along the way.
      Thu, 21 Jul 2016 11:00:15 GMT

  • Whales Mourn Their Dead, Just Like Us
    Seven species of the marine mammals have been seen clinging to the dead body of a likely friend or relative, a new study says.
      Mon, 18 Jul 2016 18:34:00 GMT

  • The Ocean Could Be the New Gold Rush
    As the future of seafloor mining is debated this week, here are five things you need to know about the risks and rewards of extracting precious metals and minerals from the ocean.
      Wed, 13 Jul 2016 12:44:55 GMT

  • Why an Eagle Really Grabbed a Kid
    A photograph of a huge bird of prey grabbing on to a boy's head has gone viral—here are possible reasons for its behavior.
      Tue, 12 Jul 2016 19:47:00 GMT