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BIT Sindri alumni to build public toilets in Bihar and Jharkhand

By Dr P R Prasad
Posted on: September 28, 2015


BIT Sindri

(BJNS): BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America has recently invited proposals from BIT Sindri alumni who are interested in building and maintaining public toilets in Bihar and Jharkhand. According to Dr Neil Pundit, President of BITSAA of North America, Sulabh International has agreed to participate in this project and will be the preferred contractor for construction and maintenance of the toilets. The Association will pay 50% of the total cost of building the facility and 2 years of maintenance. The funding of the toilet project has come through the generosity of the distinguished alumni Dr Krishna Pal Singh (1967 ME). Dr Singh is the founder and President of HOLTEC INTERNATIONAL, a member of the US National Academy of Engineering, a notable philanthropist

The toilet project is inspired by Prime Minister's "Clean India Mission" and the Association's goal is to encourage and support charitable alumni of BIT Sindri to help alleviate the woeful sanitation conditions in Bihar and Jharkhand. Project details and other terms and conditions can be found on BITSAA of North America website

It may be recalled that earlier the BITSAA of North America had offered Rs 40+ lakhs project for toilet renovation in all the 5 girls' hostels and the Alumni House at BIT Sindri. The Govt of Jharkhand has already given the No Objection Certificate to implement the project. The effort of BIT Sindri alumni in North America to improve the sanitary conditions in BIT Sindri campus in particular and Bihar & Jharkhand in general is commendable and hopefully an inspiration to others.

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