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Buckwheat Crackers
(Kuttu Crackers)

Contributed By:
Anupriya Sinha
Anupriya Sinha, Pune


Buckwheat(Kuttu) flour - 1 cup
Tapioca Starch - 1/4 cup (available in any super store; alternatively use cornstarch)
Flax Meal - 1 tbsp
Coconut Oil - 2 tbsp
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Sesame seeds, herbs/spices - as desired
Salt to taste

Method of Preparation

1. Mix the flours, salt and rub oil and ghee in it thoroughly.

2. Add sesame seeds, herbs, spices, mix.

3. Sprinkle little warm water and form a hard dough. Let it sit for 15 min.

4. Roll out 1-1.5 mm thick rotis, cut, prick with a fork, keep aside.

5. Preheat oven to 250 deg C, bake your crackers for 12-15 min.

6. Cool and serve with your favourite dip.

Notes & Tips

1. Herbs and spices can be used as per choice. For example, you can use cumin seeds, coarsely ground pepper & dried parsley OR garlic flakes/onion flakes etc.


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