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Jhingi Posto
(झिगनी पोस्तो/झींगे पोस्तो)

Contributed By:
Anupriya Sinha
Anupriya Sinha, Pune


Jhingni (Ridge gourd) – 1 kg (peeled, washed and diced)
Posto (Poppy seeds) – 100 gm (ground with water and 2 green chilies to paste)
Mustard oil – 2 ½ tbsp
Mangraila / Kalonji – 1 tsp
Dry Red Chilli – 2 (broken into two pcs)
Salt – as per taste
Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp

Method of Preparation

1. Heat mustard oil in a kadai and add mangraila and red chili. Fry for 5 secs.

2. Add Jhingni and saute well. Add salt and turmeric powder and saute till Jhigni releases moisture.

3. Cover and cook on low heat till done.

4. Add posto and green chilli paste and mix well.

5. Cover and cook on low heat till oil separates. Stir intermittently so that it does not stick to the bottom of the kadai.

6. Remove from heat and serve hot with plain rice, as a side dish.

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