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Cold Coffee

Contributed by:
Debarchan Sinha
Debarchan Sinha, School Student

Cold Coffee


Chilled Milk - 100 ml (full cream)
Chilled Water - 50 ml
Coffee Powder - 1 tsp
Sugar - 3 tsp
Vanilla Ice Cream - 2 medium scoops
Ice Cubes - 2 or 3
Chocolate Sauce - as per taste

Method of Preparation

1. Put milk, water, coffee, sugar in a mixie jar and blend well.
2. Add 1 medium scoop of vanilla ice cream and blend till frothy.
3. In a 200 ml glass add ice cubes and pour the blended coffee.
4. Divide the other 1 scoop of ice cream in 2 parts and add them on top.
5. Garnish with chocolate sauce and serve chilled.

Notes & Tips