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Chilli Masoor


Contributed by:
Madhubala Shrivastava
Madhubala Shrivastava, Housewife

Chilli Masoor


Masoor Daal - 1 cup
Onion - 4 (medium size, chooped)
Capsicum - 4 (cut in 1/2" size)
Green Chilli - 6 (finely chooped)
Garlic - 1 tbsp (finely chooped)
Ginger - 1 tbsp (grated)
Cummin seed (Jeera) - 1 tsp
Soya sauce - 2 tbsp
Tomato sauce - 6 tbsp
Chilli sauce - 4 tbsp
Vinegar - 2 tbsp
Salt to Taste
Refined Oil - 3/4 cup
Ajinomoto - 1 pinch

Method of Preparation

1. Wash and soak masoor daal in water for 2-3 hrs and then wet grind to a psate.
2. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a Kedahi. Add jeera, crackle and then add daal paste and little salt.
3. Stir continuously and vigorously till dry and done. Allow to cool to room temperature.
4. Make small oval shaped koftas from the cooked daal paste.
5. Now, heat half of the oil in a frying pan and fry koftas lightly for a while.
6. Heat rest of the oil in a Kedahi. Add garlic and onion, and fry for 1 minute.
7. Add ginger and green chillies. Fry till onion turns transparent.
8. Add capsicum and fry till it is lightly cooked.
9. Add koftas gently. Add ajinomoto and salt. MIx gently for a minute.
10. Add chilli sauce, soya sauce, tomato sauce and vinegar. Mix well.
11. Simmer for two minutes on low heat.
12. Remove heat and serve hot with poori or paratha.

Notes & Tips

1. One cup of masoor daal will make around 20 koftas.