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Dahi Poori
(दही पूरी)


Contributed by:
Soma Prasad
Soma Prasad

Dahi Poori


Poori (ready made golgappa) – 15
Curd - 2 cup
Kabuli Chana (soaked in water overnight) – 1 cup
Boiled Potato – 2 (medium size)

The quantities of following ingredients vary widely with taste. The quantities given here are indicative only:
Sweet Tamarind Chutney – 1 cup or as required
Green Chutney – ½ cup or as required
Kala Namak – 4 tsp or as required
Chat Masala – 3 tsp or as required
Red Chilli powder – 2 tsp or as required
Roasted Jeera powder – 4 tsp or as required
Roasted Dhaniya powder – 4 tsp or as required
Sugar - 2 tsp
Turmeric Powder - a pinch
Salt to taste
Fine Plain Sev (Bhujiya) - 1 tbsp or as required
Finely chopped coriander leaves

Method of Preparation

1. Boil soaked kabuli chana with salt and turmeric powder. Drain out water completely.
2. Peel the boiled potatoes and cut to very small pieces. Add salt, 1 tsp chat masala,
    1 tsp roasted dhaniya powder and 1 tsp kala namak; and mix properly.

1. Add 2 tsp kala namak, salt and sugar to the curd and whisk properly. If curd is thick,
    little water or milk can be added to make a nice smooth flowing consistency of the curd.

Dahi Poori:
1. Take pooris and break to make small hole on the top of each poori.
2. Fill each poori with little of boiled chana and potato mixture prepared as above.
3. Add 1 tsp sweet tamarind chutney in each of the pooris.
4. Fill the pooris with curd, pour a little extra curd so that it flows out and outside of poori
    is also covered with curd.
5. Sprinkle the masalas ( kala namak, chat masala, chilli powder, roasted jeera
    and dhaniya powders) as per your tatse*.
6. Add some sweet tamarind chutney and green chutney as per your tatse**.
7. Garnish with plain sev and chopped coriander leaves. Serve immediately.

Notes & Tips

1. Dahi poori should be prepared just before serving else pooris will become soggy.

2. *I use 2 finger pinch each of kala namak, chat masala and red chilli powder and 3 finger pinch each of roasted jeera and dhaniya powders per poori. **Also, atleast 1 tsp tamarind chutney and 1/2 tsp green chutney per poori).

3. Green chutney can be prepared by grinding together equal amounts of pudina and dhaniya pata, 1-2 green chilli, lemon juice and salt.

4. For preparing sweet tamarind chutney, see this recipe