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Rajma Cutlet
(राजमा कटलेट)

Contributed By:
Soma Prasad
Soma Prasad, Bangalore


Rajma – 1 cup
Crumbled paneer – 1 cup
Fresh mint – ½ cup
Pepper – 1 tsp, or as per taste
Salt to taste
Atta – ¼ cup
Oil – 1 tbsp

Method of Preparation

1. Boil the overnight soaked rajma. Leave it slightly undercooked.

2. Strain all the water. Make sure that no moisture is left.

3. Dry grind the rajma and add crumbled paneer to it.

4. Add salt, pepper and chopped fresh mint. Mix well.

5. Make small cutlets of the mixture and dust with atta.

6. Shallow fry the cutlets till golden brown.

7. Serve hot with green chutney or tomato sauce.

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