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        Jharkhand: Jamshedpur


Places to visit in and around Jamshedpur

Tata Steel Zoological Park
The Tata Steel Zoological Park or Zoo, as it is commonly called, is situated just by the side of Jubilee Park. A variety of flora and fauna can be found here in conditions close to their natural habitat. The Safari Park in the zoo enables visitors to take a drive through a wooded area where animals roam free and uncaged. A visit to the Nature Education Centre, a boat ride in the Jubilee Lake or a walk in the Nature Trail are unique outlets to relax.


Dimna Lake
Adjoining Jubilee Park, is situated Jayanti Sarowar, earlier known as Jubilee Lake is spread over an area of 40 acres. The sarovar was specially dredged and deepened for boating. There is an island at the center of the lake, which adds 
immense beauty to the lake. One can enjoy boating in the lake.


Moolgaonkar Park
Situated adjacent to the Jubilee Park, the Nicco Park is a special gift to the children of Jamshedpur. It provides a wonderful ambience where children can enjoy games like whirling in the wind, dashing cars, rolling till the moon, derby riding, caterpillar ride and a 75-meter slide etc.

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